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Innergreen strives to operate as environmentally friendly as possible. Our products are manufactured purely to demand. By manufacturing to order, Innergreen is able to save on excess warehousing and freight costs, savings, which we are then able to pass on to you.

Please be aware that Innergreen’s turn around period for our standard range of products is generally between 4-7 working days, from the date of purchase.

Credit and debit card payments, including Visa and MasterCard, are available using our online shopping cart.

Please contact us via email or telephone when placing your order to arrange a direct deposit or transfer.

Polyethylene Terephthalate is the type of plastic used to produce beverage packs such as soft drinks and water bottles.

Before the PET is used in our products, it passes through a number of processes. Prior to sterilisation, the bottles are collected and striped of their labels and lids.

The bottles are then shredded, heated and extruded back into a compressed fibre. We then process the fibre into a fluffy mixture ready for use.

Innergreen Corn Fiber is derived from 100% non- genetically modified corn.

Sugars are extracted from the corn, and then put through a fermentation process. These sugars eventually setting it into a polymer resin, which is used to create the fibre. The end result is a fibre that is non- allergenic, odour free, biodegr- adable and 100% compostable.

In manufacturing our fiber when compared to polyester, more than one tone of CO2 emission is saved per tone of fiber. This equates to less than 60% fossil fuel usage when compared to traditional synthetic fibers.

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